Friday, March 6, 2015

NBA 2K15 PC Official Roster Update Details 3/5/15

The March 5th roster update for NBA 2K15 is now available. All player movement, lineups, and injuries have been updated to reflect latest games at time of submission. Sorry that there was not a roster update yesterday. There was an unforeseen issue that didn't allow the roster to go out as planned. Below are the notes for today’s update:

Attribute Updates

Los Angeles Lakers

  • Jeremy Lin OVR 77 (+1) - Moving Three +2, Shot FT +2, Shot IQ +8
  • Nick Young OVR 76 (-1) - Shot IQ -15
  • Jordan Clarkson OVR 74 (+3) - Moving Three +2, Moving Mid Range +3, Shot IQ +20, Offensive Consistency +20, Pass Accuracy +6, Pass IQ +8
Orlando Magic
  • Channing Frye OVR 75 (-2) - Standing Layup -10, Shot IQ -12
  • Victor Oladipo OVR 81 (+1) - Standing Three -5, Moving Three -5, Shot IQ +6, Pass Accuracy +4, Pass IQ +6, Ball Control +4, Offensive Consistency +10
  • Tobias Harris OVR 80 (-1) - Standing Three -4, Moving Three -5, Offensive Consistency -5
  • Nikola Vucevic OVR 86 (+1) - Driving Layup +6, Offensive Consistency +5, Post Control +4, Moving Close +8, Moving Mid Range +5
Dallas Mavericks
  • Dirk Nowitzki OVR 86 (-2) - Moving Close -12, Standing Close -8, Moving three -6, Offensive Consistency -4
  • Devin Harris OVR 77 (+2) - Shot IQ +9, Offensive Consistency +10, Driving Layup +3, Standing Layup +7, Moving Close +5, Standing Close +3
Brooklyn Nets
  • Brook Lopez OVR 81 (0) - Offensive Consistency +10
  • Thaddeus Young OVR 76 (+1) - Standing Three, Shot IQ +8
Accessory Updates
  • Russell Westbrook - Added Headband
  • Jason Richardson - Changed shoes to Nike

How to Apply the Update:
1. Download the Update Below
2. Extract the File.
3. Go to

C:\ProgramData\Steam\"Your PC NAME"\282350\


C:\Program Files (x86)\NBA 2K15\3DMGAME\"Your PC NAME"

5. Paste the FOLDER "Local and Storage" then

Just Click the Overwrite
Click the Button to Download. 

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